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Who we are


home_02We are Andrea and Arnaldo Bugari, Members of the Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro, in the role of nautical surveyors and experts and naval architects. We spent our whole childhood in boats and the sea. This is not the usual cliché, it’s the truth !

We love the sea in all its forms, and for us the sea is life, We practiced all and only sports related to it, from swimming, sailing, surfing and water skiing, all with excellent results.

We started as children to attend the shipyard of my father almost every day and the summers during the summer holidays, We have lived all over the genesis of the Italian nautical industry, from small sparse yards, to large groups, to the various crises that have changed the face of the global marine market forever.

We were further forged by 18 months of Italian Navy, which have taught us the hard lesson of the sea and navigation, guard duty 4-4, you had to do, even when others failed to show up for seasickness.
The Adriatic district from Ancona to Ravenna was obviously our first battlefield – or first stepping-stone – and then we moved into the Tyrrhenian Sea and the French Riviera, We have visited many foreign countries in Europe and the United States, Mayotte Islands, Argentina, Russia, ect have been for almost a year in London at Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, and we met so many people with whom we exchanged our experiences.

bugariThrough our excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken, we are confronted daily with nautical realities of all countries and we have no problems in following jobs or doing surveys overseas.

We know all kinds of pleasure craft and commercial, in both steel and fiberglass, from sailboats to large yachts, construction and project management.

Studies have fortified this experience, which is now at your service.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, the answers are free!