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MCA Regulations and Charter Vessels

normativeIn recent years new rules have developed, that allow yachts to have a certain level of commercial characteristics and therefore to rent the vessel, normally with crew, to a group of people who may be the classic family or a group of friends for a holiday period.

The field of charter vessels is very similar to that of passenger ships, a bit like small cruise ships. In fact it is has spurred various institutes of international rank to have regulations for this kind of activity, the first as always were the British with the MCA rules, but later the Italian Naval Registry (RINA) followed suit and adopted these regulations and the RINA Charter Class was born.

In essence, the yacht is always the one with her beautiful lines, its furnishings, but what changes is the level of safety on board.

We have a long standing experience in this field, both in terms of the specific features mentioned above, that a new building should have, and in terms of what a yacht needs to move up to the existing Charter Class. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to perform all necessary measures without them being too invasive and limiting them to a minimum