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Consulting and tecnology

It may happen that even the greatest nautical expert is not able to identify a problem and  technology helps us, helps us to penetrate into the fibers, metals, system and machinery.

We are highly experienced in identifying what could be the problem, but to give certainty and intensity we need sophisticated and delicate instruments that only a good expert can use.

Vibration control
It can often happen that a problem arises on a boat, maybe that was present at the time of delivery, or maybe later for some anomaly, this can be a typical case of vibrations and / or consequent noise. The instrument available to us and through sensors, can detect if the vibration is produced by rotating machines, main engines, gear boxes etc or if it is a structural problem, as well as the area, that the vibrations may come from. So after reading the various hertz recognized by us and our team we find the source and take the necessary technical measures and solutions.